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tv   Americas Election HQ  FOX News  March 1, 2016 10:00pm-1:01am PST

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but that work is not to make america great again. america never stopped being great. we -- we have to make america whole. we have to fill in fill in what's been hollowed out.
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you know, we have to make strong the broken places, restitch the bonds of trust and respected across our country. now, it might be unusual, as i've said before. for a presidential candidate to say this. but i'm going to keep saying it. i believe what we need in america today more love and kindness. >> claiming victories in georgia, alabama, texas, vermont senator bernie sanders.
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>> and a fox news contributor. thanks, you guys, for sticking around with us late night. >> great to see you. >> so what's your response, overall, to what happened today? >> i think this is an absolutely terrific night for donald trump as we saw. and it's a terrific night, a historic night for women, for hillary clinton who is well on her way to winning the democr democratic party nomination. however, i think trump, what struck me tonight was that both trump and hillary clinton gave speeches that reflected their reeminent state as they were both speaking as general election kajd dats. trump was suddenly the great unifier. and he is the "common sense" conservative. he's the man who can say i know many of you don't like planned parent hood, but i do because i'm a common sense conservative.
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you're beginning to see the themes that are going to take us into november. >> the forecast of the distraction if donald trump, indeed, wins. >> unfortunate for the republican party after talks and the tag liables traded back and forth with the top of the pack. donald trump is, without a doubt, the front runner. he is being treated as such. you heard him actually say something that was shocking to me. he had words of praise.
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>> i think by the end of the night, you're going to start seeing he, too, is in the hundreds. but, still, overall, not the story i think he wanted to leave superstuz with. for bernie sanders, on the other hand, i will say the night got progressively better. no pun intended. for potentially five states finishing first. that's not too bad. >> bernii sanders doing well with young voters across the board. as we're heading into superduper tuesday, then we'll have all the states that are winner take all. do you think that there's a possible way that someone can come in and sweep under donald trump and take him out? >> well, you know, ben franklin
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said it before electronic media. we have to look for florida. berni sanders did win oklahoma. you have to remember that colorado and minnesota are caucus states. >> you talk about florida for rubio, he must win and he's behind the polls. >> well, marco rubio called him an asterisk tonight. and i think that's the way it's shaping up. and even though many establishment republicans really prefer john kaisih and say he's
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the person that would give pep to a trump ticket. if one of those two large figures were less large tonight, then before they would drop out, trump could be beaten. but that's not going to happen. >> that's what i was going to ask you, tony. the longer more candidates stay in it, it benefits trump. >> no single candidate feels compelled now to leave the race. if you're ted cruise, queue finish where you have to finish. if you're marco rubio, you won your first state. i think what you're going to see continually is kaisich hurting rubio.
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he was behind him very close in number. i also think what we're not looking at is there are times that actually carson beat kaisich in the state. i do want to say i'm from the great state of ohio. >> that's what they said about south carolina, as well. very important indicator and what ends up happening nationally when it all wraps up. judy, i'll talk to you now.
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sq >> i think it almost doesn't matter at this point. you can see her attacks were all aimed at donald trump. we don't need to make america great againment it's always been great. we need a unifier. these are the themes that we're going to hear from her. the problem is she is not the best and most effective messenger. however, as she has said, she has withstood 50 investigations by nine senate house kit tees. committees. >> but still facing the message into her e-mail standards. you don't think that will affect her? >> and that's what donald trump was saying gep and again.
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>> and that criminal probe just got expanded into the criminal foundation. look, bernie sanders has no compelling rationale to leave the race, either. the democratic race is proportional throughout the entire campaign, until the convention. so when bernie sanders makes the point that he made, he's accumulating delegates. there's nothing that's forcing him out. and the reason you see hillary, i would suggest, look so confident and comfortable, is because she understands this largely has been rigged in her favor. >> he has to win bigger because of the superdelegate situation. >> there's virtually half the delegates. >> well, panelists, stick with
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us. right now, we're going to talk about the price on people. that's oklahoma where sfat xx ted cruz won. state's republican primary, senator cruise's second win of the night after he took his home state. peg powers is on the phone and is the chair of the republican party and joins us now. a bit of a surprise. donald trump had been leading in and then take a look at that. just kind of flip it around. what happened. >> well, i think ted cruz proved what he started out. ted cruz came in to oklahoma several months ago. he continued it all the way through. trump came in with a ground game in the last three or four months and had it very, very well. rubio came in the last 30 days during the ground game.
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>> the majority of the voters, 75% or so, consider this as evangelical. how did that tobacco xx in. >> well, i think whern you have direct voter contact and you're ache to get your message out to the voters, i think the evangelical part does not sway one way or another. it's your message that you ear trying to reach out. i think one thing that did help trump to overcome the advantage of cruz's ground game is we had record voter turn out. >> and what does that mean? what does that indicate from your side.
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>> oh, absolutely. we're a closed primary state. however, you are state law allows political parties to independents. for the first time in 40 years, the democrats opened their primaries. this was the first test of the election. and they still fell shy of their record by 70,000 votes. it shee shows that the republicans are excited.
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that means if one of the other two dropped out, they could still beat him. but that list does not apore to be happening. so he must be regarded. >> despite being called a liar by the new york times. >> and across state party lines, as well. >> tony, you've been around a long time. have you seen anything like this in recent memory. >> i think the obvious answer is donald trump has created this new paradigm. and it is attracting first time voters.
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to come vote within the republican primary. virginia alone, a swing state, 2012 numbers, 200,000 people turned out. but the different feel is donald trump. >> and that new car smell, eventually goes away. and the question is will it and when will it happen? >> i don't know when it's going to happen. i don't know if it's going to happen. but i will tell you this, in washington, everyone today, when the president met with senator
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mcconnell and others from the republican party, it's very clear that they are sort of looking to trump, even though they're not saying it, but they think on some level that he's going to be the nominee. they're not talking about it, but they are thinking about it. >> let's face it. >> think about it today. in terms of bernie sanders and president obama. he ran on change. we all know that. that's what's happening in this election, as well. they're calling it a movement. and they're saying we want change, we need change. >> but this is very different. this is a revolt against government. obama embodied what government could do for you. hope u change, build our infrastructure, deliver jobs. all the things that his critics say haven't happened.
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it looks like the divide of this particular instance. she's walking through the motions. you don't have these astronomical turnouts. she's been out there. but she's going through the motions. look at this thing she's winning. they're not animating the turnout. >> and just today, bill clinton with massachusetts working for it. i don't agree with it. >> i didn't say they don't work for it. but there is this prungs that, obl, we're going to have to work
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a bit harder than we planned. that's the point i was making. >> and he has raised ha million in february alone. when you think what does it look like? is it becoming a better professor by being a more adventurous student? is it one day giving your daughter the opportunity she deserves?
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one bright spot for marcorubio. texas senator ted cruise coming in second. kooet is the chair of the republican party of minnesota. keith, are you there? it's been a long day, right? >> i am, heather, yes, it's been a long day but a good day. >> i was reading a little bit earlier, you were sayingre expe a record turnout, as you had in 2008. do you have any final noum beryls for us or additional numbers at this point. >> with're pretty close to wrapping up. it looks like it will be a 75% increase over our record turn out in 2008.
10:32 pm
that is a huge signal. >> we saw marco rubio coming in first, and then donald trump coming in at 21%. this is the only state, the only caucus, most of the caucus that marco rubio won for supertuesday. why do you think minnesota was dirvelt for him. >> he actually showed pretty well in the general election. he had a real strong ground game. and made a number of personal appearances here as well. that could really be the difference. you say men are superior drivers?
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milk it. e*trade is all about seizing opportunity. super tuesday, the mother lode of primary delegates is history now. and it's time to assess the results and try to determine who is likely headed for the presidential general election. hello, everybody. >> it's great to be here with you. thank you for joining us. the biggest winner of last night, front runner donald trump. he is continuing to consolidate his success. but it is a big night for marco rubio. he won his first state, minnesota and senator ted cruz took two, including his home state of texas. here's the score card right now,
11:01 pm
donald trump with seven, cruz, two and rubio, one. in alaska the polls closed in the last hour, going to get nearly half the vote in but not completely. ted cruz who was there about a year or so ago. slightly ahead of donald trump even though donald trump has the support of former governor sarah palin. trump has been called a conman and a fraud by rubio and others. when he spoke last night he called for party unity. >> we are going to be a much finer party, a unified party and a much bigger party. you can see that up hag. our party is expanding and all you have to do is look at the primary states where i've won and see where we have gone to a
11:02 pm
much larger number. >> trump did score very well in the south but could not claim the home state of his fellow republican rival, texas, ted cruz's state. the senator's victory prompted another attack on donald trump. >> america shouldn't have a president whose words would make you embarrassed if your children repeated them. our president should make us all proud, should inspire hope in all of us. we can nominate a washington deal maker, profane and vulgar, who has a lifelong pattern of using government power for personal gain. or we can nominate a proven conservative who has fought consistently for working men and women and to defend the
11:03 pm
constitution. >> tough words, continue to fly on both sides. the democratic side we have to talk about that. hillary clinton swept through the south claiming victories in georgia, arkansas, alabama, texas, tennessee, virginia, and massachusetts. despite mounting a strong challenge, vermont senator bernie sanders could not manage to break clinton's clout among black voters. the former first lady also now focusing on the general election. >> we're going to work for every vote and we will need all of you to keep volunteering, contributing, doing everything you can, talking to your friends and neighbors. because this country belongs to all of us, not just those at the top! not just the people who look one way, worship one way or even think one way!
11:04 pm
>> the democratic front runner, hillary clinton staking her claim for the nomination after notching the wins in those seven states we mentioned. bernie sanders we talked about the punches he landed in four states. christen fisher is in washington with us with more on the democratic results. good morning. >> good morning, heather. hillary clinton had a very big night. she won seven of 11 states but what stands out is how much she won by. her won six states by at least 30 points. in alabama she won by 59 points, arkansas, 36, georgia, 43, tennessee, 34, in texas the state with the biggest prize of the night she beat sanders by 32 points. virginia, 29 points. massachusetts was the one big question mark for hint because it is close to vermont, but she won it barely, 50-49.
11:05 pm
as for the states sanders won he won big in vermont, 86-14 and continued to do well in the caucus states, colorado and minnesota. and won one state in the south, oklahoma. but he is light years away in terms of the delegates. clinton has half of the delegates she needs to win the nomination. that's while tonight she set her sights squarely on donald trump. she said we don't need to make america great again. we need to make america whole again. >> i believe what we need in america today is more love and kindness. because you know what? you know what? it works. instead of building walls we're going to break down barriers and build --
11:06 pm
[ applause ] -- build ladders of opportunity and empowerment. so every american can live up to his or her potential. >> bernie sanders is not backing down. and he has plenty of cash to stay in the race. he raised more than $6 million in a single day. he says his campaign is just getting started. >> at the end of tonight 15 states will have voted. 35 states remain. and let me assure you we are going to take our fight for economic justice, for social justice, for environmental sanity, for a world of peace to every one of those states. >> today sanders is heading to
11:07 pm
maine and michigan and clinton is holding a rally at radio city music hall. so clearly the campaign is in a celebratory mood and after tonight they have a lot to celebrate. >> they do. >> thank you. i know i will see you later today. >> you will. >> or this morning. >> thank you. rejoining us with insight on super tuesday is ellen ratner and judy miller, and the executive vice president at jamestown associates. let's get to what we were just speaking on and that is bernie sanders and hillary clinton. what if anything sanders can do. that's what i would like to know. i don't see what he can do in terms of superdelegates to get the nomination. he said the political revolution has begun. so he is just beginning.
11:08 pm
>> the "new york times" says that the superdelegates go to whoever had the popular vote. and if he manages to get the popular vote in the subsuper tuesday. >> super duper tuesday. >> that's right. >> and does well in some other states. he says he will go all the way to july and he does get the popular votes that's interesting. although she has the superdelegates in her pocket at this time. >> i mean, they are part of the establishment and that has been the criticism that the fix is in. >> they are worried that if bernie sanders gets the nomination it's going to be like, remember what was that -- i'm block out his name. but as you know -- in '72 when he won two states. >> mcgovern. >> i was going to say mccarthy. but i remember that day like i
11:09 pm
thought -- like it was yesterday when he got two states, massachusetts, being one of them. >> i think the problem for hillary is not really bernie sanders at this moment. the problem for hillary is the "boston herald" article which pointed out the 20,000 people registered as democrats switched over to vote for either trump or as independents. that's the problem. she just doesn't generate the excitement and energy that bernie sanders does. >> why? >> she has focused on donald trump as her nemesis and opponent. and her husband pointed out he is the problem for her. it is not obvious given her negatives she can beat him in the general election. >> remember when she launched her campaign and relaunched her campaign in an effort to be more personable. didn't work then. >> and the irony is as we see
11:10 pm
donald trump and hillary clinton taking a step forward closer to the nomination is his natural strengths are her vulnerabilities. he is authentic and can't be bought and paid for. and she is viewed as not trust worthy or likable and is the poster child for being bought and paid for, looking at the clinton foundation and the money she has taken. these are arguments that democratics are making from the left, the fact she has superpacs now and they are forecasting in a general election match-up it is the superpacs, the shady money that will tack donald trump and not her directly. bernie sanders needs to get out of the south fast. and hillary clinton has a fire wall there and it came through for her. if you look at minnesota and colorado and oklahoma where he invested serious dollars and time. massachusetts, where he came so close, within a point of beating
11:11 pm
hillary clinton, he moves the needle. you have large southern states with demographics that did not benefit bernie sanders with infrastructure that benefitted hillary clinton and that's what came through in a big way for her. this battle goes across the country. the 35 other states where he has a better than fighting chance. >> and in the midwest that plays to his strengths coming up. >> you have a couple states that we're not talking about, california, new mexico, though are going to happen in the first week of june. >> what do you say to the "new york times" tuesday morning has a piece about donald trump saying it is the party of trump and they quote bobby jindal saying that the best gift republicans can give the democrats is donald trump. so how does she do that? she's already playing against him and how will that continue? >> i will say this, the line she used tonight, this america -- make it whole again, fill what
11:12 pm
has been hollowed out it is one of the most mr. capital unintelligible lines i have ever heard. so she must be talking about the obama legacy, number one. number two another line that is a problem for her against donald trump and bernie sanders as i mentioned before are more populous anti-establishment candidates she goes the country belongs to all of us not just those on top. guess who the american people think represents those on top, hillary clinton, a poster child for elitism and the establishment. she is making comments and arguments that don't necessarily jive with what people believe about her. >> i wonder whether her love and kindness theme is going to be as
11:13 pm
powerful as hope and change. coming from hillary clinton it's just -- the questions that are raised, especially in the country about the contributions. i know we in washington and new york are obsessed with the e-mail issue and her legal vulnerability. but in the country many, many people are thinking about her as the candidate of wall street, the candidate of everything that bernie sanders and donald trump supposedly oppose. they are outsiders and she is the ultimate insider. and that is her hardest hurdle. >> i agree but she has been able to get the african-american vote. what is interesting, i remember when barack obama came to his first news conference saying you won't be able to do race relations on the cheap by having just me. i covered clinton. he was considered the first black president even though he wasn't. she is tapping into that vein in american politics.
11:14 pm
>> she can't win just that demographic. she has to cross party lines. in this race the young vote is what perhaps may sway -- >> that's getting people out, for sure. >> heather, you are wassing your finger on the larger problem for hillary when you talk about enthusiasm. she is losing to bernie sanders in every growth demographic, young people, millennials we know. but voters under 45, low income voters. voters who view themselves as progressive and liberal don't like hillary clinton. you know who she is performing well with, african-americans, older voters and wealthy voters. that's not the winning formula for a general election. >> and the reason is that because most of us in our 60s remember a time we were in our 40s when president clinton was
11:15 pm
elected and it was a hopeful time for us and that's why she is getting the older voters. the young people, it's as if people my age were talking about truman's election. or don't want an 80% tax rate. >> that's a great point. for those who lived through the clinton age in the '90s, she is a former president's wife and they don't have the history with her. we hear about this revolt in the republican party and critics of donald trump it's the same in the democratic party. where are the sanders supporters, where are they going to go? >> you're right. and that is the big problem for democrats. republicans have donald trump ha is animating this group and giving them somewhere to go. if bernie sanders has not been given a fair shot in this election they are going to be frustrated and they could not
11:16 pm
turn out. this is not the election of barack obama in 2008 and 2012, where the base love their candidate. they don't love hillary clinton. >> they could be p.o.'d and not vote. >> it depends on what bernie sanders does and when he does it. i believe he will have to concede to her. though everything is unpredictable in politics. if bernie sanders makes a ringing appeal to support hillary clinton and get the young people out who he energized and if the candidate she is running against has high negatives like either ted cruz or donald trump, i think that they think time will be on their side. >> and then the voters you talked about in massachusetts, the 20,000 that left the democratic party to vote
11:17 pm
republican. if that is a trend, that will change things dramatically. >> 40% of the nation self identifies if you ask them as political independents. and people like me who can swing either way and they have been underpolled as we know. this is still a party party. >> james carvill came out with a research project with data that shows that donald trump appeals to moderates. i think it's rather across the board. >> which could have been a strategic thing he was doing all along. that could have been his plan from the beginning. and republicans have been so outraged saying he is not a staunch consecutive. he knew all along this is what he wanted to do. >> and the numbers in the general campaign, a third of the people are going to vote republican. they don't care what the candidate is like.
11:18 pm
but it's that middle third that's going to swing an election. the judys of the world. what if we have a third party candidate jump in? >> the obvious one of course is the mayor of new york michael bloomberg. but i think most people are now saying it's just too late for him to do that and get on the ballots. but the field we have is the one we choose from. >> and the thought process was if that was going to be sanders and trump. talking about the nastiness and the dirt and all that stuff thrown all over the place. you want your children to listen to what the candidates say? we're going to talk about the issues. >> not the makeup and the spray tans either. >> what we are cared about and fired up about. we have the latest on the polls that were taken on supertuesday. we'll have that believe it or not, the issues coming up here
11:19 pm
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immigration, man, oh, man, oh, man, did donald trump start his campaign with that, calling for the deportation of 11 million illegal immigrants. that issue has been a fiery one on the campaign trail. but the exit polls show in the biggest state, that shows a very different story. when asked about these four issues take a look at this which is the most important face in the country, republicans in texas said government spending. that was first followed by the economy, jobs and terrorism and then immigration. what is going on? jamie weinstein joins us to explain. and jamie wrote an article about all this. to listen to donald trump and others you would think that immigration is the primary issue. but you found otherwise. jamie, can you hear me?
11:24 pm
trying to see if jamie can hear me. i guess we don't have jamie we'll try to get him the in a moment. panel, tony, does this surprise you that immigration comes in as number four? >> not necessarily. i think you always have seen throughout polling throughout at least the polling i've seen the top of the list is related to the economy whether it be jobs, taxes or government spending and you have an in cascading order other things, terrorism before paris was not an issue and after paris was a top three issue. but immigration is the principle issue that has basically developed and defined trump's ascendancy. i don't think polling grabs the emotional aspects of the societying public's attention to the issue. but it grabs the brain's share when they make their voting
11:25 pm
decision. >> is this the case where he starts with the immigration and that grabs the attention as tony says, of everyone. then you can build out other issues such as those in that poll that shows americans are concerned about? >> that's what he has down and he has talked repeatedly about jobs, jobs, jobs. many of the questions, exporting jobs to chinese, losing jobs, losing money. that's where this administration is weakest. this is the weakest economic recovery on record. therefore it's an area where donald trump thinks he can work. his vulnerability is that of the 300 americans that applied for jobs at his hotel, he accepted 17. and that most of his work force is -- >> and he claims he won't do those jobs. but you hit on something, disney
11:26 pm
and other countries accused of replacing americans with foreign workers. >> not at the agree that donald trump has been. and also when you look at donald trump refusing to release his tax records. hillary clinton refusing to release her speeches. you have him not at this point >> how long is that going the last? he said it because of an audit. >> what about the past records? >> and what about the new york times interview that ted cruz and marco rubio saying that he should release that. the new york times knows that you don't publish anything that is off the record. >> i would be stunned if the new york times released that transcript without don't trump's
11:27 pm
position. and i don't think he will get that. >> what if donald trump does not give them permission. what do they do? hold it? >> i think they would hold it and utley make a decision on an itorial that would reflect the hypocrisy or the contrast -- >> that would cause a firestorm if they withheld it. and but they have already -- it was an off the record session and these sessions are important in terms of exploring the candidate. >> let's play out the scenario. i agree that the editorial board would not make a decision to violate their ethics. that doesn't mean that someone wouldn't do it in a rogue way. let's pretend this does come out. he has inoculated himself even if these things have been proven
11:28 pm
to be the case when they are bore out. there is at least among the public a belief, perception that on immigration and national security and terrorism and the economy and jobs he's going to be right and be strong and make america great again. >> he has sold it and the question is i don't think unless they have an open safe at the "new york times" i don't think the "new york times" is going to release it. >> sorry we're up against a hard break at the bottom of the hour. we'll be back with more of the issues on the minds of the voters on super tuesday. we're going to be here. we're not going anywhere. please stay with us. those new glasses? they are. do i look smarter? yeah, a little. you're making money now, are you investing? well, i've been doing some research. let me introduce you to our broker. how much does he charge? i don't know.
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went to ancestry, i put in the names of my grandparents first. i got a leaf right away. a leaf is a hint that is connected to each person in your family tree. i learned that my ten times
11:32 pm
great grandmother is george washington's aunt. within a few days i went from knowing almost nothing to holy crow, i'm related to george washington. this is my cousin george. discover your story. start searching for free now at it's late here in the east. and a lot of people tweeting us, what is going on with alaska? about half of the vote is in. ted cruz is ahead by a smidge. 34% to donald trump in the number two position. marco rubio at just over 17%. that in a way seems like it may keep on holding through the night. we have seen other figures that have ted cruz up more by really one point. it will be interesting to see if alaska holds by one point.
11:33 pm
of course, donald trump nabbing the endorsement of former governor sarah palin to see if that helped or hurt him. we will be keeping an eye on alaska. >> and we are reading and following twitter. >> they are working on alaska right now. they have a special room. it's the alaska room. >> and they can't get out and tell us? >> they have the key to the briefcase. >> ed rollins has an op ed that just came out. he managed the campaign for president ronald reagan. this is just a headline. trump is now unstoppable. game over for cruz, rubio, kasich and carson. let's bring in the panel to talk about that and whether or not you agree with ed here. >> i rarely disagree with ed but he does know republican party
11:34 pm
politics very, very well. and i think he is echoing what we said at the top of the hour which is that barring something that we're not aware of now, despite the many ugly things said about donald trump, he is way, wait ahead in the position to get the nomination. and that is why hillary clinton began tonight to change her speech to direct criticism at him. i think you have to assume ed is right. >> he gave a presidential speech tonight in terms of uniting the party. he did the same thing in new hampshire and came off as presidential, unlike the donald trump we see in the debates. >> he also talks about his family and his daughter is expecting. that's where melania was, waiting for that to happen. how does he be all the party tonight after this campaign that
11:35 pm
has been so divisive so far. how does he do that? >> the most unifying aspect of the republican party is defeating hillary clinton if she is the nominee. the second part and one of the most important parts is to begin to merge with conservative that the party stands for. populism is a secular force and conservativism is an ideological force. it's not going to be an easy merger but he has to take that step. he expanded the party as a result of tapping into a lot of energy but you have to be able to speak the language. and he can make the argument that the party ideas are better than what hillary clinton's and what the democrats will represent in their campaign. >> he doesn't stand for the party i do.
11:36 pm
he talks about planned parenthood doing wonderful things for people. a great many people -- >> because of the abortion issue. >> and lindsey graham said that the outcome of tonight indicates the party is going to have to rally around ted cruz. i'm not sure that donald trump can unify the party. graham graham is -- >> but -- >> but those -- >> that's the different. these are two good points that don't necessarily have the same issue or addressed by the same issue. i would say for sure the establishment will try to do what it can to get trump the best challenge possible though that math becomes difficult if everybody stays into this race as it becomes winner take all. on the second piece on trump's
11:37 pm
conservatism. i don't know if trump is that movement reagan conservative in the classic tradition. but there's no doubt if he assumes the mantle of the republican party he is going to represent the conservative ideals that the party has been built on. that's what -- >> i want to -- it's a little place than when you were starting to vote and the millennials have a very different view of life and a very different view of the republican and comet-- >> ed writes i underestimated his lack of substance and trite answers in the day defensive --. he is getting stronger by the day. and he says what is ahead for
11:38 pm
the republican party either becomes part of his movement or splinters into many pieces. no matter what trump does or say the nomination is his for the taking. does the party splinter or is it the party of trump? as the "new york times" says. >> it is going to be a tradition. i think you have quietly there are a group of republicans coming to terms with the potential reality of a trump nomination and you have some expressing discontent and saying that if it happens they would breakaway. i think that donald trump has touched on to something if appropriately handled by the republican party could expand and magnify the presence of the republican party. >> when we talk about the establishment. who is the establishment?
11:39 pm
members of congress who have not got any work done? the traditional republican party? >> the powerful elite. the people who run the party and the donors of the party and the special interests of the party that the party reflects more than the grass roots. >> okay. >> and the elected officials -- are not rallying around donald trump. look how uncomfortable chris christie was tonight in that appearance with donald trump. he welcome looked embarrassed to be on that sage. it's true that chris christie is not used to become a supporting actor but it shows the discomfort of people. his record will be hauled up and thrown at him again and again. his sexism and bigotry and racism. the democrats are going to have
11:40 pm
a field day with that. >> alleged -- the problem -- >> they always used. >> the issue is the republican party and the democratic party are not going to be the same party they were ten years ago or even five years ago after this election. you have an entirely new group of people in the republican party the trump people and the democrats with the -- bernie sanders. >> maybe this will change when he went down that escalator. that's the beginning of the change of american history. the super tuesday coverage continues. colorado is now in the sanders win column but the bigger night for hillary clinton.
11:41 pm
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
good morning.
11:44 pm
it is 2:45 a.m. on the east coast just in case you were wondering. super tuesday has wrapped up. while republicans met in caucus, democrats for presidential will be assigned later in colorado and bernie sanders won that state over hillary clinton and joining us from california is ryan call. ut i m the former state attended my precinct caucus. >> tell us about the excitement level there. >> attendance was limited. the attendance was down quite a bit from previous years in part by the decision of the state party leadership to cancel our presidential straw poll vote. unlike a lot of states who are
11:45 pm
holding those votes, colorado went back to the system where we elect delegates at the state convention in mid april. >> why did you decide to do that? >> the new rnc rules that required a binding vote would not be representative of the electorate. colorado had the opportunity to do a primary election but that bill died in legislature last year. rather than going to a vote at a caucuses which tends to draw more act resists and a smaller percentage of the electorate they decided to go back to the old fashion model of electing delegates. >> we have been talking about
11:46 pm
the demographics of the states in place. bernie sanders winning colorado how do you think the democrats there benefitted him very hillary clinton? the attention and attendance was pretty strong. over 120,000 folks attended the caucuses. just shy of 60% of colorado democrats appear to be feeling the bern. the reality however is the convoluted way the democrats, the super delegates that pledged to hillary clinton, it's likely that hillary clinton will secure a majority of the delegates from this state. >> and you know, you're there on the ground, we've been talking about that how that happens with
11:47 pm
the super delegate. they want bernie sanders but the superdelegates go in and hillary clinton has the superdelegates and that's what counts. >> i think there is a sense of frustration on the democratic party side if that is the result but there is a sense of frustration on the republican side. the decision to cancel the vote in connection with caucuses left a lot of colorado caucus goers frustrated they didn't have an opportunity to weigh in. >> and perhaps that's why we see bernie sanders and donald trump doing so well. ryan call joining us from colorado, thank you so much we appreciate you staying up late or getting up early. either way we appreciate it.
11:48 pm
>> we have heard all about the water pot also and the paints and the brick backs. -- the water bottles and the pants. >> with rubio around them. and the pants? >> we'll get into that later. >> thanks. it's a pants thing. >> it's been a lot of stuff. >> coming up, the issues. what you care about. >> not that, not any of that. >> that's why we're going to do it next. stay with us as america's election headquarters rolls on.
11:49 pm
11:50 pm
11:51 pm
man, oh, man were they going after each other.
11:52 pm
con man, fraud, spray tan, little marco rubio, losers, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. what do the americans care about? the exit polls gave us some surprises. the senior editor of the daily caller has written an article about this. in 1992, james carvill who was the top adviser to president clinton, of course said it's the economy, stupid. this issue we have immigration, sl islamic terrorism and isis. >> government spending is high on the list and so is terrorism. what is not high on the list is immigration. we have heard a lot about the issue of immigration and in almost every state this question was asked. it was not the top issue but for a small number of republican voters. but what was particularly interesting is there was a secondary question asked for the
11:53 pm
illegal immigrants in the country do you favor deportation or a pathway to legalization? ? six out of seven states where that question was asked, the majority favored legalization and not deportation. >> how do we explain the attention that donald trump and others have gotten for this? >> it exemplifies his personality and people are going toward a personality with a strong position on the issue and there are 8 or 10% who say immigration is their number one issue. they will vote on that issue. others say government spending and terrorism is their issue. they will not be dissuaded from someone who takes a harsh standard but they are not going to vote for them because of that. >> you are not propelled to go
11:54 pm
to the voting booth on that one issue. the one person who has been talking about the deficit, and that is dr. ben carson. how can we plain the fact that he has not had the success that others thought he would have when he was leading the race? >> at this point he is tuned out completely. in the debates we barely hear from him except when he complains he is not getting enough questions. i think he is out of the equation for most and some forget he is in the race. >> what do you think will happen as we go forward? march 15th, florida, ohio, winner take all. marco rubio winning in minnesota, vowing to stay in. how do you see it playing out? >> it strikes me at this point that none of the candidates, the major ones we see trump, kasich,
11:55 pm
cruz, and rubio are dropping out. what i expect is there will be two possible neighbor joes here, one donald trump gets the delegates necessary to win wildfire the convention and the other is they split the dell gants all the way to convention. and he doesn't reach that 12 necessary. and people look for a contested convention. >> at what point do you think that happens? >> well i would say if you see on march 15th in the winner take all states if you see rubio, for instance winning florida and kasich win his home state of ohio, i think you are likely to have a contested convention. right now donald trump is on path to get the delegates before the convention. >> he is 20 points ahead of rubio. >> looking good right now. things can change of course but
11:56 pm
right now he looks like she in a commanding position in florida. >> jamie, who usually is in florida. but tonight is in the washington, d.c. newsroom tonight. thank you for being with us and staying up later. appreciate it. 1237 the magic number for republicans. coming up next we'll have analysis of tuesday's super tuesday primary, the presidential elections. and in alaska the race is too close to call. many people asking about this on twitter. has ted cruz managed to win that? we don't know. right now he's up by a point. the latest on the final state to come in and as you stay tuned watch the ticker on the bottom of the screen it. it is updating as we get the information. >> cruz according to one poll is
11:57 pm
at 34% in california with donald trump at 33. >> that hasn't moved. >> we're watching alaska. don't worry. >> we'll be right back.
11:58 pm
11:59 pm
12:00 am
party or the democrat party and the democrats and long time democrats and they were never going to switch and they all switched and they were all independent. we expanded the party. look at the number of votes we had in that area as an example. four years ago, they had 390,000 or so votes. we doubled it to almost 800,000. whereas the democrats went down.
12:01 am
there's much less enthusiasm for the democrats. so, look i'm a unifier. believe me, i am a unifier. >> we have a choice. so long as the field remains ti divided, donald trump's path to the nomination remains more likely and that would be a disaster for republicans. for conservatives and for the nation. and after tonight, we have seen that our campaign is the only campaign that has beaten, that can beat, and that will beat donald trump. >> the voters in alaska to alabama have spoken. a fierce primary known as super tuesday and this morning, donald
12:02 am
trump and hillary clinton are claiming major victories and setting their sights on the presidential election in november. >> we have been here a while and have a while to go. 13 states and one territory held primaries or caucuses yesterday. 11 states handing out delegates and the numbers suggest that trump is continuing to build momentum toward his party's nomination. >> here's the final list. seven states so far for donald trump, ted cruz took two, texas and oklahoma. and marco rubio snagged his first primary ted cruz and donald trump are locked neck and neck there. last night trump took to the stage to thank his supporters and during that speech he made
12:03 am
a pitch for party unity. but texas saw the biggest prize of the day. that went to favorite son, ted cruz. the senator making it clear last night that he has no intention of throwing in the towel. >> he definitely need to win in his home state. 155 delegates. they are split proportionately. we'll see what happens with that. on the democratic side, hillary clinton swept through the south claiming primary victories in georgia, arkansas, alabama, texas, tennessee, virginia and massachusetts. as expected bernie sander took his home state of vermont. he also took colorado and oklahoma. he remains popular with young voters. we have been talking about that through the night. so far he has been unable to break clinton's hold among black voters. the former first lady is focusing on the general election as she commands an impressive leave over sanders.
12:04 am
>> instead of building walls we will break down barriers and build -- build ladders of opportunity and empowerment so every american can live up to his or her potential. then and only then can america live up to its full potential. >> colorado voters meeting in caucus this super tuesday. republicans will be rewarding at a later date. the democrats are giving the sanders camp a win. joining us from denver is fox news correspondent. thank you for joining us. >> good morning, heather. you know, it was hillary clinton who received the endorsement from the colorado governor as well as ken salazar who was also a senator here. she received the establishment
12:05 am
democratic endorsement. but the night belonged to bernie sanders in colorado. we stopped by the victory party for the sanders supporters and it was a party. there was a live music venue called the bluebird in denver. the crowd reflective of some of the most staunch supporters, young and energetic. sanders addressed the crowd in a pre recorded video. turnout across the state was higher than anticipated for the democrats with more than 105,000 people caucusing last night. we were at a site earlier which was running tight on the space for precincts to meet. even though sanders won the popularity vote it amounts to a beauty contest. the process of rewarding delegates is incredibly complicated based at the congressional district level. it could result in sanders not
12:06 am
receiving as many of the delegates you may think. eight of the 12 are committed to clinton. colorado is not a big a loss for the clinton camp as it appears. as for the colorado gop, zero delegates were awarded from super tuesday. that's because the party did not hold straw polls for preferential preference. they don't like to rule out a concern that delegates would bow out. heather, the county and state conventions for both parties will beheld later this month and in april. that's when we will get an idea of what the delegate count will be for both parties heading into the conventions. >> alicia, you said you are there where some of the voters
12:07 am
got together. what is the feeling? what did they say about the controversy over not agreeing and in terms of how they were appointed or how they vote. >> we heard that from our crew. definitely where we were. there was a sense of disorganization like there were only a certain amount of people who were allowed to participate. one woman was standing there waiting to caucus. she said it feels like it excludes so many people. there is definitely a frustration with the establishment and the way the process works. >> this particular election cycle because it has been new voters, first time voters and young voters. alicia, thank you so much. appreciate it. joining us with analysis -- we have been up all night. >> it is time for our panel. ellen ratner, bureau chief of
12:08 am
talk news. and pulitzer prize winner, executive vice president at jamestown associates and fox news contributor. been a long night. >> yes. >> there is much more to come. in 14 days we will have super duper tuesday. is there anything on the republican side? let's talk about that first. either cruz or rubio can do to stop trump's momentum and get uh he. ellen? >> i think rubio can continue to work hard in florida and he has a lot of backing in florida. if trump does not win it is not good for trump. there is something that can happen in terms of rubio. >> but rubio is polling behind. >> yes, and he is continuing to weaken despite his aggressive approach. what is interesting is donald trump tonight did not single out ted cruz who won more
12:09 am
states than rubio. he actually congratulated ted cruz on working hair and winning text -- working hard and winning texas. >> his ire was at rubio because of the jokes and we are going to make america orange again. when people pay attention to that done thald trump understands weakness and goes at it at the jugular. >> why do they find some things offensive and it may have backfired on marco rubio? >> marco rubio in the debate in houston bested trump and is playing by his rules. if you want an anti-trump i can be the guy taking him on one on one. that's when marco rubio thought he could be the person by himself. that's not the case. ted cruz had a good night. it looks like he may win alaska. that would make it a
12:10 am
total of four states and he has done it in the way most conservatives like to see. he has done it from the right of donald trump. rubio and cruz have to duke it out and find states you can win. you are looking to kansas and perhaps kentucky and missouri is coming up as well. in the case of rubio this is a florida or bust scenario. i though they made the argument they could survive without it and they have a national campaign. it is going to be enormously difficult to keep that case going. that's 99 delegates and rubio desperately needs it. you can see the reports coming. big donors rallying to rubio's side. he has the resources. >> those spending the most amount of money aren't winning of the ohio is coming up and north carolina as well on march 15th. >> we wrote a piece for fox
12:11 am
news which was circulated today that .ed out everything we thought we knew about the political cat cism of -- catechism by racism. jeb bush raised $130 million and even before he formal ledee claireed it didn't do him good. all of the rules were thrown out the window. i think pre ducks -- predictions are perilless. but i think baring something we can't foresee, if cruz or rubio does not withdraw from the contest donald trump clearly has a pass to the nomination. >> a lot of pressure inside to get one of them to bow out. probably it looks like it would be rubio. >> but i don't think either one gave any indication. >> they said the opposite. they are in it. >> and if things are close let's thought forget new york which is a big state. and california which happens
12:12 am
in june. everybody thinks of california as an afterthought and it may not be this year. >> and donald trump is actually beating hillary clinton in new york state. a lot of surprises. i think judy and doug's article about this being an uncon veptional race that turned everything on its head is right. we will talk about arkansas. that's the birthplace of the political fortress. he served as attorney general and then governor before ascending to the presidency and hillary was first lady. very involved in the state especially education. she won her adoptive state and on the republican side it was trump. 32.7% for trump. ted cruz 30.5 and rubio 25%. how can two new yorkers succeed in that state? i am joined by the state senator senator -- a
12:13 am
republican state senator. senator, thank you for joining us. what is your sense and view of what was important in arkansas tonight? >> i think you saw if you look at the nonestablishment candidates of trump, cruz and carson they get 70% of the vote. as far as not going along with candidates they see a establishment. >> and what is the sense of the folks in your district? what do they tell you about this race and what they want. >> they are dissatisfied with the direction of those in washington, d.c. making promises and talking about things and things don't get done. i think donald trump came to the state and had big rallies and connected with a lot of people. i have seen people at the polls this afternoon that i
12:14 am
don't think ordinarily voted in primaries. they are dissatisfied and they want to see somebody shake things up and get things done that they feel concerned about the direction of this country. >> that's a common thread we have been reporting on, state senator, that there has been a seemingly bigger outpouring of support on the republican side. it is energized by donald trump and maybe others. you were seeing that in arkansas during the primary season. what will happen in november if your former first lady was on the ballot. >> i think donald trump or the republican nominee will be against the clintons. internationally with the republicans are you gonna see if trump is the nominee, are you going to see the cruz supporters come together and support trump, or even harder
12:15 am
some of the rubio supporters supporting trump. here in arkansas we saw an increased turnout. we moved our primary up. we had senators like that. i think that helped us at the state. we had a tremendous amount of presidential business. that's what helped the noncab meant candidates do better. we were in play and they came and visited and connected with the people. >> finally even though she served as the first lady of the state, you know her so well and she succeeded tonight. you do think donald trump will beat hillary clinton in arkansas? >> i don't think there is any question about that. people are not going to go with the clintons and we have
12:16 am
seen arkansas turn republican. i think you will see the people overwhelmingly support republican nominee. >> brian king, the state senator and is a republican. thank you state senator for staying up so late tonight. get some sleep and have a great rest of the night. we appreciate you staying up. >> one new yorker and arkansas and now another new yorker is calling a state senator at 2:00 a.m. in the morning to talk politics. there is probably a third in the state of arkansas. >> us new yorkers are calling, calling, calling you. thank you so much. it is being fun here in the middle of the night though isn't it? we can do it every night. >> you can dial a state senator and get him on the phone. a lot has happened throughout the day. we are still waiting for alaska. as we said earlier on the bottom of your screen you can
12:17 am
check out the ticker and get the information. trump winning seven states and a marco rubio won. we are going to toss to a break right now, i believe. when we come back we will check in with our political panel and we will have much more. stay tuned.
12:18 am
12:19 am
12:20 am
donald trump says he will ar
12:21 am
good morning to you and welcome back to fox news, your election headquarters. we have been covering super tuesday all day long and we continue to cover it tonight. trump and clinton, the big winners today. trump taking home seven different states and then we have rubio with twun -- with one and ted cruz with two. hillary clinton is besting bernie sanders in many of their states as well. but we are moving forward. next we have super duper tuesday. we will be here all night that night too. let's bring in brad blakeman. he was a member of president george w. bush's senior staff. and the executive director of the new york state democratic
12:22 am
party. thank you for sticking around request -- around with us. >> good to be here. >> we were discussing moving forward. what do the candidates need to do next? >> on the democratic side i think bernie sanders has a tremendous amount of money and resources to keep going forward. the math gets difficult for him now. we are going into states that favor hillary clinton and really big states. particularly when you get to march 15th. you will hear more about the general election. w45 is interesting to know is she is doing well with african-american voters and doing well among latino voters. she will have to go after the blue collar democrats who are starting to support trump or have started to support donald trump. it will be interesting to see
12:23 am
what elizabeth warren does. she stayed out of the election or this primary season and now that massachusetts is over and it looks like hillary clinton brings in the nominee, they were supportive of sanders to her camp so that we can go toward the general. >> brad let's talk about the republican side and what is happening there. cruz and rubio, who would be their path at this point to best donald trump? is there one you can see? >> any one of them needs to get the other out of the race. they have to get it it down to a two-person race. the more people in means he can win with less votes. he has been a minority candidate . all he has to do is win by a plurality and he gets all of the delegates.
12:24 am
we also have a problem because marco is not going anywhere because he wants to win florida. kasich is not going anywhere because he wants to win ohio. they are must win states for republicans in general. trump can be stalled from getting the nomination or prevented. if marco wins florida kasich wins ohio. there are speed bumps for trump to lock up the nomination. the way things are going now i have to agree that trump will get to the nomination, but the question is when? >> who does k o sich -- kasich hurt the most by staying in? >> rubio. ohio is a more -- it is a middle of the road state. it is not a evangelical state.
12:25 am
i think that favors rubio. >> in trms of the trust issue turning back to the democrats we know in poll after poll hillary clinton does not poll well when it comes to honesty. they think she is dishonest. we talked about the younger voters, but how about the honesty issue? >> that issue will disnate over time. she talked about this openly and it has not helped. >> that's not going away. the fbi investigation is not going away. >> they are releasing the information even though it does president -- as long as she is able to pivot -- continue to talk about the issues that are affecting voter.
12:26 am
as long as what ever is uncovered with the e-mails is smawt inknock russ -- is somewhat inknock could you us with. >> i know the republican candidates will be talking about that among other things at the fox debate on thursday. brad, do you think we will have the same fireworks we had in the last debate when we had a lot of name calling? we were talking about make up and spray tans and all kind of things. or will we really finally be able to zero in on these issues? >> i think these guys have to take trump down. it is a game of king the hill. right now the king is at the top of the hill. it depends which trump shows us? is it the presidential trump we saw at the press conference tonight or the donald trump who in the past has been fiesty and defensive. let's see which trump shows us. these guys, this is their last
12:27 am
big stand on fox in a debate with a national audience before before -- the next super, duper tuesday. >> and we talked about the numbers of people who turned out and it appears to be record numbers across the country. state after state they have these new voters and a lot of people voting for the first time. can they match that or do you believe they are matching it? >> i do think they are matching it. they are now taking credit for bringing out these voters. thisy are excited and energized because there is a person who has given them voice in donald trump. on our side i think you will start to see record or near record numbers coming out throughout this primary
12:28 am
season. the spector will bring out a lot of democratic voters. in the primary season the parties are active and engage on a state by state basis. the party i represent and across the country you may not see it in the same way because there are not as many people there. the reality is hillary clinton and bernie sanders are great organizers. that's what will bring out the voters going forward. >> do you think the republicans can maintain the level of excitement and the momentum in a general election? >> only if they are able to unite. right now trump is getting the benefit of winning with a minority of the republican electorat. that means there is a majority who doesn't support him.
12:29 am
he will have a heavy task of being part of the united. we have like 90 days after the convention. then he has to go to work the next day. he tried to tonight, but he is not the nominee. that will be a heavy task. >> act like the job you want or something like that. hillary clinton and donald trump we saw that. thank you both for joining us early in the morning. we like it. >> good to be here. thank you. he didn't win, but he is staying in. dr. ben carson once was leading leading this race. it wasn't a good night for him. we will look at dr. carson's prospects. >> it is a tangled web and i am not ready to quite to quit
12:30 am
untan gelling it. >> i am the epitomy of somebody who chal edge lengths the story and i refuse to -- they don't seem to get it. but the problem is they are the problem. they don't seem to understand that.
12:31 am
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12:34 am
super tuesday is now in the political history books, almost. alaska though remains a die hard battleground for republican rivals trump and cruz at this hour. they are like this close apart, like this close. in fact, it may even be tied. no declared winner there yet. who is looking at it? adam housley. they are still counting the votes in alaska. we don't have a winner. >> the latest numbers are 87% cruz leading trump by the slightest of margin. the rest of the pack backed rubio who is a significant distance back. this is the latest numbers. 83% and the numbers haven't changed. you can see right there ted cruz and donald trump, that's what most people believed was going to happen with a slight edge maybe to cruz since he went there to campaign for another candidate back at the
12:35 am
end of stwo 014. 2014. the republicans can send 2 8 delegates to the convention. that's larger than usual because there is an all republican congression. of those 28 delegates are unpledged. as for the republicans overall as we noted throughout the evening donald trump won seven states with alaska not yet counted. trump added to his lead on this super tuesday which is now wednesday. award delegates in proportion to the vote he won 192 and ted cruz about 132 and marco rubio 66. ben carson won at least three. there were 595 republican delegates at stake all told. trump sold himself as an outsider image, but wheny he
12:36 am
gave his press conference he seemed different. >> we are going to be a much finer party. we bill be a unified party and we will be a much bigger party. you can see that happening. we are going to by a much bigger party. our party is spabding and -- expanding. we have gone from x number to a much larger number. it has not happened to the republican party in many, many decades. >> on this day after, on wednesday there is one state undeclared. cruz with a slight lead and we were disappointed. you can see the numbers from alaska. hillary clinton won that poll there and picked up six delegates. that's america samoa by the way. >> thank you for clarifying
12:37 am
that . by the way, do you know any indication when they candy claire alaska? can declare alaska? >> it will be pretty soon. it went up 3 more pours. they are close. for us it is too close to call. they had a massive turnout in alaska. they printed 25,000 ballots and some locations they ran out of ballots. for republicans one place they polled was at a doctor's -- ben ties' office. the democrats don't do their caucus until later this month. only republicans out there and we should have an idea in the next hour. >> we will stay on it and we will talk about the turnout. that's next. >> thank you, adam. right now we will talk about ohio. ohio governor john kasich who gave donald trump a run for
12:38 am
his money in vermont. jeff pulling it out. he joins us to talk more about it. thank you for joining us so early. >> good morning. >> trump 32% and john kasich30%. was that a trend you saw coming leading up to today? >> it wasn't entirely unpredictable. what has been a couple day he was art -- our keynote speaker. for lots of retail politics safe. our voting trends are similar. i wasn't too surprised it was pretty exciting. >> 16 delegates up for grabs in vermont. you were talking about the
12:39 am
economy buying a key issue. that coincides with the fog -- of the fox watchers are worried about the nation's economy in the neck few years. what is the state of the economy in vermont? >> not good. there is disinvestigation in dct and our local government in vermont our jobless numbers not where we want them to be. the pay increases since 2010, but there is no affordable place to live. people are concerned about the directs we are going in. >> and then 90% said they are dissatisfied or angry about the way the federal government is working altogether so that would then follow that donald trump is on the republican
12:40 am
side and deer nissan deers is on the democratic side. >> what is the reaction in terms of the turnout and what happens with the race today? >> there is a record turnout. we don't have around exact list. it is definitely the younger population. but as on the republican side kasich did really well of the modern parts. and trump did extremely well. you know the north and south portions of the state. i have seen the record turnout is great and so everybody was voting on their local ballot from a school budget to town budgets. they had a strong impact on the package cs. >> the economy and being angry at the federal government as they voted it to vermont. >> thank you for joining us.
12:41 am
jeff bartly, thank you. >> super stews has the potential to make or break presidential aspirations. you can see what the results are after tonight. here is a look at history. >> the earliest primary states are showered because they go one at a time. then 13 vote on the same day, super tews. to test how the retail pitches they have been made all year long this is a stage. >> use the four early try maries to get to two or three serious decide it so the candidate could move away from the left and back to the middle. >> the name super tuesday hays been used for three decades. >> the name started in 1980. that's when i heard a young cub reporter from to be "time" magazine you saw a -- saw it.
12:42 am
>> the best super tuesdays are ones of the establishment party favorites. they are not the ones that are outside the mainstream of the pert. then he won 16 and 17 super tuesday. clinton won texas and then went ahead. it is changing. so this mini national primary that is supposed to produce a moderate on each side doesn't always do that. >> both democrat and republican party created this frankenstein monster and it sliped bond and out there roaming the countryside and doing the exak opposite of what creators in tended. >> peter is in minnesota early this morning at the bernie sanders campaign headquarters.
12:43 am
the senator may have been burned a little bit. >> you heard them talking about the history. super tuesday is over, can you believe it? >> except alaska. >> except alaska. we'll let you know when that happens and when it is called or if it is called. we will not be sitting there then. we will talk to our panel. what matters most as they head to the holes. trump and clinton coming out on top. stay with us.
12:44 am
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12:46 am
super tuesday is over you survived hillary clinton and she is continuingcontinuing winning way. not only emerging emerging yous. but beating senator bernie sanders by a wide margin. that may not continue with such success and for more on that we will
12:47 am
toss it over to kristen fisher who is in washington, d.c. she has been there all morning long. is ahead for clinton and bernie sanders? hillary clinton now has half of the delegates needed to win the nomination. she won seven of 11 states on super tuesday and she won by big margins. in alabama she beat bernie sanders by 59 points. in arkansas 36 points. georgia 43 points. tennessee 34 . virginia 29 points. texas the biggest prize of the night she won by 32 points. are all ridiculously huge margins. massachusetts was the one big question for clinton because it is so close. she won it barely 50-49. that was a big disappointment for the sanders campaign. now he did win four states on super tuesday. he won big in vermont 86-14 and won the caucus states. colorado and anyone --
12:48 am
colorado and minnesota sanders has a lot of cash. raided $42 million. and he is now trailing clinton by more than 600 delegates. it is becoming difficult to see how sanders could overtake her. still at this rally in vermont sanders made no reference to dropping out. the political revolution is bringing our people together. we bring our people together when we do not allow the donald trumps of the world to divide us up. so there you have sanders going after republican front runner. clinton did the same in her super tuesday speech in miami. she said instead of building walls we are going to break down barriers. we know we've got work to do. but that work -- that work is not to make mark great again -- make america great again. america
12:49 am
never stopped being great. we have to make america whole. we have to fill in -- fill in what has been hollowed out. now, during that victory speech, clinton didn't take any jabs at bernie sanders. was all about donald trump. the coming days the cline ton campaign -- the clinton campaign will make the case that sanders should drop out and mathematically he cannot win. look at the delegate split the clinton campaign has a pretty strong case. though i wouldn't expect sanders to drop out anytime soon. he said that he is going all the way to the convention. he said the revolution has begun. so we'll see what he decides. thank you so much, kristen fisher is live for us. >> it is almost 4:00 in the morning here in the east. that means coming up next the final thought from our panel.
12:50 am
>> when you
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12:54 am
i mentioned virginia before where you saw a dramatic spike. here is the total turnout from the same nine states that voted in 2008 to now. both times, no incumbent president. voteer turnout has dropped and republican turnout has increased by 3.3 million voters. keep an eye on this one. this may tell the story of 2016. >> that is significant, or sounds like it. judy? >> it is a huge night or "ooge" as donald trump would say. what's interesting to me about hillary clinton, it's not just african-american supporters and older americans. it is also latinos. in texas, she won latino vote by a 2-1 margin. that is really impressive.
12:55 am
she has enormous reservoirs of strength. let's see what happens. >> eln? >> if haley barber were the head of the national republican committee, which he's not anymore, he would have put these guys in the room, particularly if he didn't want trump, somebody has to drop out for the good of the party. >> any prediction who could drop out next? >> it's so hard to tell. now that you've called cruz, this delegate number will get increasingly higher and nar ought divide with trump tonight. >> interesting. >> march 15th, winner take all, ohio and florida. what happens? >> kasich gets ohio. >> you think? >> yeah. >> the pundits have been so wrong about this race so far that i have enough trouble just analyzing it. >> if we call florida tonight then we've called the race, i think. >> thank you so much for joining us.
12:56 am
>> absolutely. we will be back here. we're here for four hours tonight. a few more hours. >> a few more to go. don't go away. continuing coverage for you. we'll talk about alaska, the late decision there, and all of the delegate sbts count. the delegate count matters most. we'll explain that a little bit more. >> it's amazing. you talk about the states. you focus on who wins, what caucuses, what primaries. at the end of the day, as the panel was saying, it is a delicate race, like chess. keep the numbers on the delegates. there's alaska. heather and i will be with you overnight. hope you join us. >> super duper tuesday. >> march 15th. >> and the morning of the 16th, we will be here. >> unlike this particular super tuesday, when there were some proportional states involved, along with the winner take all, on march 15th, it's all winner take all states. >> that could potential almost
12:57 am
decide the race. we'll see what happens in florida, see what happens in ohio. thank you for spending your evening and morning with us. >> this has been great. i'm wide awake. are you? i hope you are. stay with us. we have more coverage ahead.
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good morning to you. it is 4:00 am on the east coast. you're watching "fox & friends" firs first. >> hillary clinton and donald trump tightening their grips on the democratic and republican presidential nominations. >> a year ago, people are going to find it hard to believe but i'm a unifyer and when we unify, no


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